World Haemophilia Day Competition

Good news to fellow researchers and academicians of AMSA International; a new competition is emerging. AMSA International proudly announced the commencement of World Haemophilia Day Competition 2021, a part of AMSA International’s biannual competition for medical students over Asia and beyond.

This upcoming competition covers a variety of academic works, such as scientific paper, scientific poster, and public poster. Therefore, you are free to create your academic masterpiece under the theme haemophilia and submit them to your local chapter. The competition is accepting submissions up to 21 March 2021. Submitted works will be scored and assessed by our credible and accountable judges. Every submission is appreciated by a personal certificate. In addition, the winner of every branch of competition will be given a chance to present their results on World Haemophilia Day Webinar by AMSA International on Saturday, 17 April 2021. The webinar will cover topics on current haemophilia management. Thus, keep your eyes on this informative and free-of-charge webinar as the registration will be opened in no time.

Do not let go of this chance and contact your local academic officer or representative for further information. You can also access the mandatory documents and guidelines on Good luck and have fun on making academic work and impacting others. Viva AMSA, Viva Academics!

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