Having my spare time filled by playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBGM) is such a wonderful way to chill. PUBGM is an online game that can be played together with your friend or played solo. It is one example of a battle royal and shooter game. PUGBM can be played in solo, duo, squad (four players per group) and other modes. The concept of this game is surviving on the battleground. You should be the last man standing, with or without your teammates. You can kill another player, hide inside a room, wait for the enemy to find you, whatever it takes to survive. Every player has their own strategy. You can be rushed, you can be slow, but the most important thing is good teamwork.

Playing PUBGM will make your senses work better because we should truly hear and feel if there are enemies that threaten us. It also trains your skill for aiming. Your accuracy is important. You should be tactical. You should learn how to lead your team, respect your teammates, take a risk to shoot, hide from your enemy, hold your steps, and try to be a careful one. It is important to keep our own ego and think about our teammates (if you play in squad mode). Nowadays, PUBGM is more than just a game. People call it an e-sport. There is even a world championship called PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). PUBGM is on another level now.

At first, it might seem weird for a girl to play this game. But I think it’s not a big deal. Everyone can enjoy this game, even if you are a girl! I love playing PUBGM, too, but for now I do not have much time to push my rank anymore. Anyway, it is so much fun! Trust me. It will be more fun if you play it with your buddies or even your crush! I remember my crush and I used to play that game for hours, every single day. Sometimes we forget that we are medical students and have a lot of work to do.

I came to know about this game from my high school mates, but I did not start playing because my gadget could not run the game. When I got an iPad from my Mom, my cousin asked me to download that and play together. For your information, in Indonesia we have a slang for playing a game together, that is called “MaBar“, that stands for Main Bareng (playing together).  And I used to get so addicted and sometimes get notifications from PUBGM, reminding me that I had been playing for six hours in a day and I should stop. But I did not really care and kept playing. Sounds crazy, I can’t even believe it, and it’s a “wow” for me.

Yep, that’s it. Even though PUBGM is a game, and some people call that an e-sport, whatever it is, we as a player should only take positive things from that. Some people have a negative opinion about that game because they see there are so many people that play that game unwisely. People think about the rank too much. People forget about their works, their school, and their time. I do not want to end up like that. I just want to enjoy the game and make it as a therapy after a long day in college. Overall, PUBGM is a good game, if we can filter the good and the bad aspects of the game.

If you ask me, “Are you good at playing PUBGM?” 

I’ll say, “It’s a big no!”. But I enjoy it a lot.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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