There’s ‘Gon’ Be Better Days and We ‘Gon’ DO Well Together

On 10 October 2020, as we celebrated World Mental Health Day, the Avengers of K-POP known as Super M  conducted a collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the first global online advocacy event for mental health entitled “The Big Event”. Super M  performed “Better Days” from their very first full-length album.

“Today, we are here to support World Mental Health Day. We have prepared ‘Better Days’ for The Big Event held by WHO. There is still hope for all of us,” said Baekhyun as the leader of Super M which was followed by Mark and Taeyong in a video uploaded by WHO on Saturday, 10 October 2020.

Through “Better Days” itself, Super M would like to encourage people to stay optimistic in their lives, although they are facing sadness that makes them devastated. Besides, this song also delivering the importance of positive energy, stay healthy, and caring for one another. Hence, it is a suitable and perfect song to listen to during this pandemic.

I know that it feels like

The world is falling down

And you can’t make it through

There’s gon be better days, better days, better days

Just gotta hold on

Yeah, I know that it hurts

But the sun will shine through

There’s gon be better days, better days, better days

Around the corner it’s true

The sneak peek of the lyrics to the song “Better Days” fit perfectly with the current situation, where we feel that the world seems to be collapsing. Other than “Better Days”, their very first album included various songs such as “Together at Home” and “With You” which have the same message, which is to give their spirit during this pandemic era.

On 9 April 2021, Super M released their song titled “We DO” which was a collaboration with a multinational insurance company, Prudential Corporation Asia through the “We DO Well Together” campaign. The dynamic and futuristic hybrid-style track with an up-beat retro disco tune reflects the song’s purpose to share good energy and promoting physical and mental health positively and proactively. On the campaign’s official website, Super M states, “Through ‘We DO Well Together,’ we call on everybody to put in the same energy and spirit as ‘We DO’ to achieve our life goals together.” Their ambition is to spread positive energy and to help as many people as possible in achieving not only good physical health, but also mental wellbeing as well.

Written by:

Tatyana Milenia

Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Padjadjaran

AMSA Indonesia

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